What are your plans for after you graduate? What are you going to study?

As students reach their senior year of high school, these questions often loom over them. Although seniors can dream of many post-secondary opportunities, the one question that seems the most difficult to solve is, “how am I going to pay for it all?”
Often, the first step of the solution is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Last year, the College and Career Access Program (CCAP) helped students secure over $180,000 dollars in Pell grant assistance from the FAFSA. That is free money to study!
Hope’s College and Career Access program will support you and your educational goals. What better way to begin this process than by taking the step to apply for the FAFSA. On Monday, October 1st, CCAP is offering FAFSA completion support from 11:00 AM-6:00 PM. To participate, just confirm your attendance by calling 407-880-4673 ext. 229 and bring the following pieces of information with you:
  1. Your Social Security number or Alien Registration number
  2. Your parents’ Social Security numbers if they have one
  3. Your parents’ DOB and their month and year of marriage or divorce if applicable
  4. Your and your parents’ tax return information from 2016
  5. Your parents’ email address
  6. Records of child support paid (if applicable)
  7. Records of untaxed income (if applicable)
If you are unable to attend this date, CCAP also offers one-on-one application assistance throughout the Fall. Additionally, CCAP supports students who do not qualify for federal financial assistance. Please reach out to CCAP to schedule an appointment and learn about the opportunities that are available to you!