As the first week of the legislative session concluded, Central Floridians gathered to speak up and take action against the impending humanitarian crisis that was brewing in their state.

The rally took place at the Orlando City Hall and was open to everyone who believed in human rights and wanted to show their support for the children, transgender people, and immigrant communities in Florida. This event began a sustained response to the hateful proposal and hoped to send a clear message to Governor DeSantis and the state legislature that discrimination and hate had no place in Florida.

This was only the beginning! We will continue to stand against this Anti-Human Rights Legislation.



  • Immigrant families won’t be allowed to love and aid their family members if they are undocumented.
  • The cost of education for Undocumented youth will rise four times that of their classmates, even though they were raised in Florida.
  • Undocumented immigrants won’t be allowed to have a government issued ID or other form of identification
  • Hospitals will be forced to collect information from their undocumented patients
  • Agribusiness, hotels, restaurants will lose a large percentage of their workforce and undocumented families will lose their livelihoods
  • Indefinite detention
  • Laws allowing the state to send asylum seekers to other states with little to no accountability

Transgender people:

  • Transgender youth and adults will lose their healthcare. 
  • Loving parents of transgender youth will run the risk of losing custody of their children simply by supporting them. 
  • Transgender adults will lose their jobs if their employer supports their healthcare needs.
  • Transgender youth won’t be able to use the bathroom in schools
  • Transgender folks will NOT be able to play sports


  • History will be re-written; terms such as slavery will be changed in history books to “forced migration”
  • AP African American History classes have been attacked 
  • Higher education institutions will be forced to ban all classes teaching students about diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • New tenure review rules for higher education faculty will be instituted
  • Attacks on teachers’ unions 
  • Public schools could face major defunding
  • Books have been banned

Attacks on democracy:

  • Police will arrest voters for trying to cast their ballots.

Gun Violence:

  • As a community, we know firsthand the impact of mass shootings. Governor DeSantis will allow hateful and dangerous people to have guns, creating a state of fear in communities impacted by gun violence. 
  • Gun violence is the number one cause of death for children, teens, and young adults in America.
  • The proposed permitless carry bill will allow anyone to get a gun without the proper permits, licensing, and training. States that have passed similar bills have seen a sharp increase in gun violence deaths within three years of introducing this legislation.
  • Minority communities already experience gun violence at a disproportionate rate.
  • Gun violence is an epidemic that is actively killing people in Florida, but instead of addressing this issue, Governor DeSantis is attacking immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and banning books.


Join the fight against Governor DeSantis’ Anti-Human Rights legislation by attending the Freedom Rally of Dreams on March 10th at Orlando City Hall. This is an opportunity to show your support for human rights and stand up against these harmful policies.

But this is just the beginning! You can also make your voices heard by contacting your local and senate representative and expressing your concerns on these proposed measures.

Every voice matters, and together we can make a difference.

Take action today and let your representatives know there is no place for hate in Florida. Join us and stand with the children, transgender people, and immigrant communities in Florida!