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HCC is SO lucky to have amazing volunteers who donate tireless hours to the community. Three of these volunteers were nominated for awards at the Community Volunteer Excellence Awards hosted by Heart of Florida United Way for Outstanding Individual Volunteer, Outstanding Professional Volunteer, and Outstanding Youth Volunteer. Congratulations Karla Reyes and Margaret Curran for your recognition by United Way and congratulations to Hope’s other nominee, Clarice Fourari. Clarice was nominated in the category of Outstanding Individual Volunteer for her work with MOMS class. Clarice’s warmth, patience, and genuine interest in learning more about her students’ lives have made her an amazing English conversation partner.

Are you interested in joining HCC’s community of wonderful volunteers? Learn more about volunteer opportunities here. Or contact Lynn Devanie at [email protected].

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Margaret Curran
Outstanding Professional Volunteer

Margaret has been a phenomenal volunteer for many years with Hope CommUnity Center and her skills and professional knowledge have contributed greatly to the success of HCC’s Citizenship Program. Margaret has extensive educational and teaching experience, is TESOL Certified, and served as the Principal at Annunciation Catholic Academy before volunteering with Hope. Margaret has utilized that knowledge to help HCC develop an extensive Citizenship Curriculum that integrates necessary civic knowledge, English-language instruction, and Civic Engagement into a complete and well-rounded curriculum.

Karla Reyes
Outstanding Youth Volunteer

Karla’s work is not just providing service, but greatly impacts the continued success of the Citizenship Program. She has taken on major responsibilities that help keep the program organized and effective, like registering new students and helping them complete important forms. Her organization and hard-work have also contributed to the Citizenship Program being more structured and organized