In response to a “zero tolerance policy” rule at the border that is separating families, Hope CommUnity Center stands fervently against the continuous criminalization of immigrant people and people of color. Families belong together and no child should be separated from their family. There has never been a better time than right now to stand against racism and bigotry and support the end of anti-immigration policies.

All people in the United States have Constitutional Rights and deserves dignity and protection in this country. Please visit or call Hope at 407.880.4673 to learn more about your rights and the steps you can take today to prepare yourself and your family in case of deportation.

Some actions that you can do right now:

  • Call your representative to let them know these anti-immigration actions are unjust and irresponsible.
  • Participate in the national day of action, Families belong Together.
  • If you are an ally to immigrant communities, volunteer or donate money to organizations like Hope CommUnity Center by visiting