Spring 2019

Spring is the time for new beginnings. HCC kicked off the year with its annual Hearts for Hope Luncheon, where Sr. Ann spoke about continuing the legacy of the founders and ensuring the future of Hope. Additional highlights include upcoming & past events, a celebration of community success, and a volunteer spotlight. 

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Winter 2018

The three pillars of Hope CommUnity Center’s mission are education, advocacy, and spiritual growth. We strive to create a world and community center where hearts, minds, and personal connections are free to grow. This Winter 2018 Newsletter is dedicated to the spirit of love and growth.

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Spring 2018

Springtime at Hope is all about building communities, strengthening faith, and creating an informed Central Florida community. Read more about the lives changed and impacts made at Hope this Spring!

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Summer/Fall 2017

The past few months have been trying for the entire world. Central Florida has been no exception. In-between natural disasters and legislative decisions impacting communities that Hope CommUnity Center serves, we have seen a wealth of love, care, and giving. Many of you have been a part of this recovery and resilience. We thank you. And we hope the stories of this community will move you to share this newsletter with others.

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Spring 2017

For the Spring 2017 Newsletter, Hope springs into action! Springtime began at Hope with a donor luncheon that featured diverse stories and ideas. Kermes Spring Festival followed shortly after. Spoiler alert about the Kermes story: Sister Ann is amazing and hilarious! We feature advocacy efforts here at Hope and take you into a four-day college tour. Last, but certainly not least, we introduce you to two new hires, Anallely and Reca. Hope you enjoy!

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