Partnerships that build CommUnity

During the past 50 years, Hope has made it its mission to build a strong CommUnity by assisting the underserved residents in Central Florida, especially the Hispanic community. However, HCC has not had to carry out this monumental task alone, and we are blessed to have lasting partnerships that have created actual change throughout the years. As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, we would like to highlight a few of those partners. 

Much like Hope CommUnity Center, the Hispanic Federation (HF) works in education, health, immigration, civic engagement, economic development, and the environment to improve Latino institutions, support Hispanic families, and empower the Hispanic community.

The long-standing goal of the Florida Farmworker Association has been tied to Hope CommUnity Center’s mission from the start. To empower farmworkers and rural low-income communities to address and take charge of the social, political, economic, employment, health, and environmental justice concerns that influence their lives.

The Florida Immigrant Coalition is a statewide alliance with over 62 member organizations, including Hope CommUnity Center and many farmworkers, students, service providers, grassroots groups, and legal advocates. Their goal is to achieve the equitable treatment of all people, including immigrants. They carry out their objective by coordinating immigrant organizations, community organizing, education, and advocacy.

The Mexican Consulate in Orlando is another institution that HCC works with to assist the Hispanic immigrant community through education and advocacy, so they may know and understand their rights. 

Hope CommUnity Center is proud of the alliances and partnerships we have created over the years that allow us to bring justice, inclusion, and education to our immigrant communities, including Hispanics, through advocacy and education. We’re always looking for organizations to partner with to create real change for the citizens of Central Florida. If you wish to be a part of Hope’s future today, visit our website for more information.