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Dear Friends,

How profound is that phrase? And what does it mean to be a Friend of Hope?
Originally meaning a feeling of trust, the word hope has since evolved to mean a
feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. To be a Friend of
Hope means that you share in that expectation with us. It means you have affection
and compassion
for us and for our mission to serve. And we, in turn, have deep
affection and gratitude for your continued love and support.

In just the past year we have served 12,000 community members. From food distribution and rental assistance to tutoring and support for college and career aspirations, this is what you have made possible. Our hard-working, dedicated staff has been able to change the lives of so many because of you. Whether through the
contribution of your valuable time or through your monetary donation (or both), everything you give is essential.

Soon we will begin a year-long celebration to honor 50 Years of Hope, not one year, nor even one day of which, would have ever been possible without you. We celebrate the achievements of the past all while looking forward with intention and imagination to create new and better ways to grow and serve.

Thank you for helping us respond to the difficulties of this year with the committed force of our action.  Thank you for allowing us to live the true meaning of hope.

Now, more than ever, we are counting on you to pave the way for 50 years more. Imagine if everyone receiving this letter would give a donation of at least $10. How transformational would that be? Please consider giving generously in any amount that feels right for you, so we can embrace the future with hope.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Debo Ofsowitz
Director of Donor Relations
407-880-4673 ext. 227
[email protected]


Now, more than ever, we count on your contributions. Please consider giving generously so we can continue the good work honoring you and the legacy of Hope.


From every $1.00 received goes directly to programs

Questions? Call us 407.880.4673 ext. 222