Hope CommUnity Center strives to empower the local community to engage in campaigns that affect them in their own community. We organize around immigration issues and collaborate with our partner organizations around different issues including health care, housing rights, workers’ rights, and education rights. We strive to educate our community around these issues and provide opportunities for the community to be engaged and advocate for issues they are passionate about. In all of this work, we aim to center and uplift the voice of the voiceless.


The goal of this training is to empower individuals to own their stories and, through the telling of them, unite people and build cross-community power by illuminating the ways both the immigrant and LGBTQ+ communities suffer the effects of institutional systems of oppression. In this one-on-one training, participants learn how to craft their stories in order to most effectively share them with different audiences in order to break down barriers that have been built through ignorance created by systematic racism, homophobia, and xenophobia in both the LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities. There are currently two curricula offered: Migration Story of Self and LGBTQ+ Story of Self. This program was made possible by a grant from Contigo Fund, an initiative of Our Fund Foundation.


This workshop series aims to provide participants a thorough understanding of a range of social justice issues. The workshops are in collaboration with a CommUnity art project that asks participants to reimagine a world of equity and social change.

Below are the workshops that currently offered:

Through this interactive workshop, participants will examine the real causes of displacement and emigration. Participants will learn about the social, political, economic, and climate conditions of different countries and how these have contributed to the influx of migration in recent years. This workshop is based on a popular education facilitation model and thus relies heavily on participation in activities and dialogue.

The goal of this workshop is to educate participants on the basics of gender and sexuality. Participants will learn about the difference between sex, gender identity, and gender expression, as well as how to use gender-neutral language. This workshop is offered in English and in Spanish.

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    Root Causes of MigrationGender and Sexuality 101Know Your Rights


    Hope CommUnity Center believes in empowering community members to be active and engaged in local government and policymaking.

    Political Education: HCC provides opportunities for community members to learn more about different political issues, strategizing, and coalition work. Every year, we fund community members’ attendance at the annual FLIC Congress, where they can learn about changes to immigration policy and ways to advocate for immigrant rights.

    Legislative Session: Since 2011, HCC has participated in the Florida Immigrant Coalition’s We are Florida campaign. Community members travel to Tallahassee to advocate for issues they are concerned about to their state representatives. The community share their stories and learn more about how legislative session can impact their community. For the Legislative sessions dates click here.

    Community Organizing Collaborators: