Adelante Caminantes is Hope’s tutoring program for unaccompanied minors, those young people who travelled without adult accompaniment from Mexico and Central America, fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries. Hope offers a warm welcome, English classes, basic skills, and a hot meal for students.

The name Adelante Caminantes translates to “Onward, Walkers” and reflects Hope CommUnity Center’s support for these young people who have come so far, yet still have a journey ahead as they await the outcome of their immigration process.With dedicated support from staff and volunteers, the students become more confident and open as they learn together. Our hearts are with them. ¡Adelante Caminantes! 

Classes are Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30PM-8:30PM

For more information and to register or volunteer, please call: 407-880-4673 x223


DISCLAIMER: Due to COVID-19, Citizenship Preparation classes are being held online until further notice.

Hope CommUnity Center offers citizenship preparation classes to lawful permanent residents of the U.S. in HCC’s Pathways to Citizenship program. These classes are offered in 12-week cycles and combine civics and English language instruction.

With prior notification, Hope CommUnity Center provides childcare for parents taking classes.

Call 407-880-4673 ext. 240 to register

Adults seeking to enroll in the Pathways to Citizenship classes at Hope CommUnity Center are given a CASAS assessment which measures English proficiency and then placed in Level ILevel II, or Level III. Students progress through the various levels until they and their instructors determine that they are ready to successfully take and pass the Naturalization Test and become United States citizens.

Level I

Entry level intended for students with limited ability to speak and understand English, American History, and the United States Government.

Level II

Intermediate level intended for students with moderate ability to speak and understand English, American History, and the United States Government.

Level III

Advanced level intended to give English speaking students the confidence they need to read, write, and answer questions about American History and civics during their interview for citizenship.

Intensive interview practice prepares students for the USCIS Naturalization interview. A volunteer mock interviewer asks questions about the N-400 Application and tests dictation and reading skills. The mock interview is only available to active students.

Hope CommUnity Center is committed to the education and consciousness raising necessary to empower our community to go out and vote. Voter education includes an understanding of the many ways to vote in Florida (early voting, absentee ballots, and day-of-election voting), election day processes, and candidates’ campaign platforms and values.

For Voter Education and Registration events, click here.

Hope CommUnity Center partners with Catholic Charities of Central Florida to provide active students with legal assistance in filling out the application. Appointments can be made by calling 407-880-4673 ext. 240.

Hope CommUnity Center, in partnership with Catholic Charities of Central Florida, was awarded a highly competitive grant from the Department of Homeland Security United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Today, HCC’s students represent approximately 32 countries of origin. The 2020 grant enables Hope CommUnity Center to increase its capacity to serve and engage new students, tailor the program to serve a variety of skill levels, and move students more efficiently through the naturalization process.

The classes described on this webpage are supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under Grant Award Number 20CICET00143-01-00. The views and conclusions contained on this webpage are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security does not endorse any products or commercial services mentioned on this webpage.


    Hope CommUnity Center hosts biannual Immigration Fairs that aim to empower community members by keeping them knowledgeable of immigration laws and changes that might affect them and their families. The Immigration Fairs include a panel of immigration lawyers that speak on a variety of immigration topics and then answer audience questions. For more information about the next Immigration Fair, please check Hope’s event calendar.

    Contact the Immigration Program at 407-880-4673 ext. 238 for information on what materials are needed for Dignity Plan and Protection packages and workshop dates, or to plan an individual workshop with your community or organization.


    Hope CommUnity Center offers detailed and concrete preparation for immigrants to be knowledgeable of their unalienable rights in this country, even when they don’t have legal status. We provide this preparation through fairs, workshops, and clinics in which members of the community act out different scenarios in which they may encounter law enforcement officers or immigration officers. During these community gatherings, families also prepare Dignity Plan and Protection packets that demonstrate their length of time residing in the United States, the status and needs of their Permanent Resident or US Citizen Children, and their good moral character. Additionally, HCC works with members of the community to ensure the safety of their children, finances, and possessions through the preparation of Power of Attorney documents.

    Consult with an Immigration attorney, never receive legal guidance from a notary, Immigration Consultant, or paralegal.


    Hope CommUnity Center also partners with Catholic Charities of Central Florida for more detailed cases.
    Click here for cards to carry that express your rights in English and Spanish.
    Click here for a booklet demonstrating how to respond in different situations where you may encounter Immigration or Law Enforcement Officials. (Spanish Version)