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El Centro ComUnitario de la Esperanza es una comunidad de aprendizaje y servicio dedicado al fortalecimiento de las comunidades inmigrantes y trabajadores pobres de la Florida Central a través de la educación apoyo y crecimiento espiritual.
Hope CommUnity Center is a service learning
community dedicated to the empowerment of Central Florida's immigrant and working poor communities
through education, advocacy, and spiritual growth.

Hope CommUnity Center’s Response to Border Policy

In response to a “zero tolerance policy” rule at the border that is separating families, Hope CommUnity Center stands fervently against the continuous criminalization of immigrant people and people of color. Families belong together and no child should be separated from their family. …

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Special Recognition for Hope Scholarship Recipients

Hope’s College and Career Access team, led by Maggi Noyes and Elisabet Rivera, hosted an award ceremony for new and returning scholarship students. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, students have to meet rigorous standards, such as committing to giving back to Hope through volunteer service and completing a 30-minute interview with the scholarship committee.…

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Bringing Hope to Winter Garden

Winter Garden, Florida– Something special happened this past weekend. Undocumented immigrant communities in Winter Garden seem to have found their safe place–a place to freely and without fear find resources and opportunities– at Resurrection Catholic Church. “Until now, there hasn’t been a place like Hope CommUnity Center that people in Winter Garden trust to access immigration resources and assistance…They are growing a safe zone and beginning to feel comfortable coming out,” says Liliana, a volunteer at Hope.…

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Thank you for your patience. Hope’s website is currently under construction

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