Notre Dame AmeriCorps Member Creates Change in Apopka

Every year the Apopka Notre Dame AmeriCorps team serves Central Florida in education and justice efforts. Second-year AmeriCorps member Monica Camarena led two girls’ groups at Piedmont Lakes Middle School, a project funded by a grant from the Venture Philanthropy Fund at the Central Florida Foundation.

As part of the Girls’ Group Project, Monica empowered and uplifted middle school-aged girls. She taught them self-worth, how to handle the pressures of everyday life, and how to perceive themselves in a positive light.

One of the projects this year was a transformation photo project. The girls transformed a portrait taken of themselves. The process was difficult at first. The girls were shy about a photographer being in their small circle. They were largely uncomfortable with their appearance and did not want to see or work on a photo of themselves.

By the end of the project, the girls were having fun. They saw meaning in the images they were creating and showed more self-confidence. The photo galleries below and the video are evidence of that.

HCC is looking to fill positions for the 2016-2017 AmeriCorps team. To learn more about how to have an amazing year of service like Monica, please click here.