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HOPE Rising is not just a program. It’s a journey of empowerment for students, especially at-risk immigrants. We are committed to guiding them toward timely high school graduation and opening doors to postsecondary education.

Our mission is clear: Bridge the gaps in guidance and resources that hinder success in the U.S. education system. HOPE Rising offers more than just financial aid. Our program provides a pathway to personal growth and community service. Join us in creating a brighter future through education. Together, we can make dreams a reality!

Support HOPE Rising, an opportunity to leave a positive imprint on the community!

HOPE Rising is committed to providing young students with the opportunity to pursue higher education. This program offers students access to additional scholarship assistance, support in applying for college, monthly meetings, and tutoring.

By joining us, you embrace the belief that every student deserves a chance to achieve greatness through education. Together, we can empower these students to create a brighter future and make their dreams come true.

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HOPE Rising awarded more than $600,400 in scholarships.


391 Scholarship awards were offered to students to continue their studies.


HOPE Rising has continued its impactful legacy for 15 years.

As a child of immigrant parents, going to college was always a yes for me. Witnessing my parents’ financial struggles emphasized the importance of furthering my education. Despite receiving Bright Futures, covering tuition wasn’t enough. The Hope CommUnity Scholarship made a significant impact by assisting with expenses like gas and a reliable laptop for my studies. With this support, I could afford the necessary materials and feel prepared for classes. The program’s meetings provided valuable connections with fellow students, fostering growth and solidarity. Overall, this program has been a lifeline for me and my family, and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone involved.

Jenny Zamora

My father died of cancer, and now my mom is the one taking care of the finances as a single parent. Having the scholarship will help me to continue going to college and becoming a nurse to help patients and honor the memory of my father. My mother’s income is not high enough for me to go to nursing school. That is why the scholarship is really important to pursue my career.

Isabela Guerra

I’m from Chiapas, Mexico, and came to the U.S. at the age of 4. Growing up in Florida has been life-changing. I’ve made friends, learned English, and overcome challenges with a positive mindset. As a DACA recipient, scholarship opportunities were limited. The Hope Scholarship allows me to pursue college and become the first in my family to graduate. Being
able to go to college will open doors for my career in construction management. That is why this scholarship gives me HOPE.

Hernan Moreno

Being a first-generation college student has brought me the realization that although it can be difficult navigating through this new experience, It also serves as a chance to learn and grow. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been fond of learning and gaining new knowledge. Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to continue this with my education. Not only that, but it will help alleviate the pressure of the financial costs that come along with being in college.able to go to college will open doors for my career in construction management. That is why this scholarship gives me HOPE.

Jessica Galarza

Realizing my parents’ financial strain, I knew I couldn’t rely on them alone for my education expenses. Despite only receiving two scholarships, I’m grateful for each one. The Hope Scholarship covers my tuition and book costs, easing my financial burden. I’m thankful to the generous donors who make these scholarships possible, providing opportunities for students like me to pursue our educational dreams.

Brenda Vazquez

The scholarship has helped me fund some school expenses like parking and fees that FAFSA doesn’t pay for. It provided help with paying for gas since I have no continuous income and also helped get a laptop for school.

Yesenia Tavera

I’m Diego Castellano, 21 years old, and I am honored to be a recipient of this year’s Hope scholarship. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, I faced challenges due to the worsening economic and social situation. Threats to my safety led me to immigrate to Florida at 16 to live with my sister. Despite obstacles, I graduated high school in 2020 and began studying at Seminole State College in 2021. As an immigrant, government assistance wasn’t available, so I worked extra to pay for classes and expenses. HOPE changed everything, making it easier to focus on my studies and pursue my dreams.

Diego Castellano

The scholarship is helping me a lot because I can buy the materials needed for my welding course. I bought my steel-toe boots and my leather jacket for welding so that I won’t get burnt.

Alan Alarcon

Receiving this scholarship is a lifeline for my family and me, allowing access to higher education despite financial constraints. It’s a profound acknowledgment of education’s transformative power. Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the doors it opens and the potential it unlocks. Representing my country adds pride and responsibility. I’m determined to earn my degree, uplift my family, and contribute to our brighter future.

Valeria Silva

Receiving the scholarship was a transformative experience that eased the financial burden of my education, allowing me to focus wholeheartedly on my studies. Beyond the monetary support, it opened doors to invaluable networking opportunities, connecting me with mentors who guided and inspired my academic journey. Ultimately, the scholarship not only lightened my financial load but also enriched my educational experience in ways that extend far beyond the classroom.

Adamari Cruz

I am the first person in my family to go to college. My family immigrated here from Mexico. They brought me here to give me a better chance. Although the Pell Grant helps with tuition, it doesn’t help with supplies and gas. With the help I am receiving from the Hope scholarship, I was able to buy a laptop that I use every day for college as well as pay for gas that I use to get to my classes and back home.

Itzell Rodriguez

Hope Community Center has been my second home since 2014. Starting as a volunteer, I’ve grown immensely with their support. As a first-generation college student at UCF in 2016, I felt overwhelmed not knowing the resources available. The scholarship eased my worries, providing workshops and financial aid. It helped me focus on my studies throughout undergrad, graduating with a nursing degree. Now pursuing a master’s, the scholarship continues to be my lifeline, offering the support I need to reach my goals.

Karla Reyes

For more than a decade, HOPE Rising has been a driving force of positive change in our community. With the unwavering support of donors and sponsors, this event has successfully raised funds for:

  • Scholarship Program, Youth and Family, and Academic Support

  • We can also award $600,400 scholarships to talented and deserving young people, helping them pursue their dreams of higher education or technical training.

  • Your help allows these students to reach their full potential. They can build a better life for themselves and their families.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and for joining us in our mission to grow, empower, and HOPE.

With your generous support, we can continue to provide life-changing programs. Support HOPE Rising!