Transformation. Understanding. Trust. Peace.

These were just a few of the outcomes participants hoped to receive from Nadia Garzón’s “Theater of the Oppressed” workshop. The intense, two-day workshop was held at Hope CommUnity Center with support from our partners at Youth And Young Adult Network of the National Farm Worker Ministry. It gave participants the opportunity to promote and discuss personal, social and political issues using techniques developed by theater director Augusto Boal. With Nadia’s spiritual spin, the ‘spect-actors’ were able to receive, not only their hopeful outcomes from the workshop but much more. Thank you to Nadia Garzón, YAYA, and Hope CommUnity Center for providing a safe space for individuals from all different walks of life to express, analyze, and free themselves of their oppression. When questioned about her experience after the workshop, Moniqua Cisneros of Notre Dame AmeriCorps replied, “I was truly transformed.”