On November 8th Hope CommUnity Center gathered with DREAMers to inform members of the immigrant community about what a Clean DREAM Act would look like. Immigrant rights organizations, like Hope, define a Clean DREAM Act as a DREAM Act bill with no additional funding for the border wall, interior enforcement, detention centers, or mandatory e-verify. During the gathering, we shared our common concerns and worries about what happens after DACA expires. But we also shared resources to prepare for what we can do after that happens. We motivated the DREAMers of the community to get involved in actions to pass a clean DREAM Act.

We acknowledged the parents that were present because, in reality, they were the first DREAMers who have given up everything to give us a better life. Their struggles are our successes today. We as DREAMers are still part of the 11 million immigrants in this country who will fight to defend our immigrant communities.

Eli Garcia, HCC Community Organizing & Advocacy Coordinator

To get involved, please contact Eli Garcia at [email protected].