A beacon for liberation in Central Florida shines with Hope

It is historically accurate to say that indigenous people, people of race, immigrants, and minorities, in general, have lived under oppressive systems throughout history. Yet, to this day, they are still struggling to liberate themselves from a system that systematically works against their fundamental rights as human beings.

It is just as accurate to say that these same minorities constantly stand up against the system, fighting for themselves and their rights. As long as we stand together for what is right with the understanding that being part of a minority group in this country does not necessarily mean we are the minority, we will create genuine change.

This country was founded on, and brave men and women fought to defend the notion “…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” After the signing of the Declaration of Independence 225 years ago, minorities still struggle to live dignified, liberated lives in which to pursue their true happiness. 

At Hope CommUnity Center, our mission has always been to stand together with immigrants and others who are tenacious and courageous in the face of all systems of oppression through service and advocacy by fostering diverse, empowered learning communities engaged in personal and societal transformation. 

The different programs offered at Hope CommUnity Center are created with the sole purpose of helping minorities through Service-learning programs, particularly immigrants. We wish to serve the Apopka and Central Florida communities while teaching them about their inalienable rights and how to advocate for them daily.

At Hope, we dedicate our time and resources to support four counties and assist over 12,000 people yearly. Our volunteers donate their time and effort to their communities, and our generous donors offer economic support. As a result, $0.89 from every $1.00 we receive goes directly to our programs.

Our programs and services focus mainly on immigration, labor, housing, health care, and education. If you want to learn more about our programs and services and how you can contribute, please visit our website today! https://www.hcc-offm.org/programs-services/