A compassionate approach toward the future while honoring the past

It has been 50 years since three Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur came to the town of Apopka, seeking to better this world through the only way they knew how: Compassion. The Oxford Dictionary defines compassion as sympathetic concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others, and these three women have done nothing but address their compassionate concerns toward anyone who needs assistance.

Our staff, volunteers, and donors continue to honor the work of Sisters Cathy Gorman, Gail Grimes, and Ann Kendrick daily, and they all have one thing in common: The compassion that fills their hearts with every action they take to assist those in need. They also seek to address the problems of underserved communities in Central Florida by providing the resources needed to move toward social and economic justice.

HCC’s Volunteer Coordinator, Lynn Devanie, began her journey at Hope as a volunteer in 2000.

“I have built so many beautiful relationships with the community. There is no judgment. It’s taught me so many lessons. I’ve learned to love and open my heart, and I see people in a different way.

I want the legacy of the Sisters to live on in the youth. I want them to carry on the message, they are the future. Through Hope’s youth leadership program, the legacy lives on.”

Every individual who makes up our incredible staff brings to life our programs and services through the value of compassion. Every program or service offered at Hope CommUnity Center exists and thrives because of our community members’ awareness of one another. Our programs and services assist people in need throughout 4 Central Florida counties thanks to these talented individuals who wish to bring a little hope into the world every day.

Many of our staff members have found themselves on the receiving end of our programs or services at some point in their lives. As a result, they made the compassionate decision to join our organization to give back as they once received. 

Our amazing receptionist, Steff Morua, came to Hope in 2005 when she attended Kids Camp at 5 years old.

“Hope is a place that not only helps you but allows you to explore your ideas, to open your mind, and to expand your horizons. I want Hope to continue to be a safe space for others and to help others the way it has been for me.”

Every team member has chosen which area they wish to assist the community. They have all taken it upon themselves to show compassion and love through education, immigration assistance, advocating for changes and improvements in different areas such as immigration, labor, housing, health care, and education; or standing in solidarity with those who are becoming advocates for themselves. 

We are grateful to every one of our staff members for their compassion. If you wish to become a part of our staff or volunteer, visit our website and learn how to get involved.