A Comprehensive Tutoring Program for Elementary School Kids

Being an immigrant parent who came to the U.S. searching for a better future for themselves and their family requires courage and commitment. Sometimes immigrant parents are not fluent in English, which can cause stress when helping their children with homework. At Hope CommUnity Center, we strive to support parents and make their lives easier. As part of our Access to Education Department, we have an excellent After-School Tutoring Program for elementary school children that positively impacts approximately 50 students a year. 

Approximately 25 elementary school children come to HCC after school each week during the academic year to work on their reading comprehension and participate in science and art enrichment programs. Students spend an hour and fifteen minutes a day, two days a week, working with instructors one-on-one and in small groups.

HCC tutors also help students with their writing skills. Here is Papertyper.net is a valuable tool for essay writing, as it allows them to quickly write papers and easily check students’ work for plagiarism. This helps to ensure that students are submitting original work and that they are learning how to properly cite their sources.

Tutoring is available at the Hawthorne/South campus of HCC, and each student receives two (2-hour) tutoring sessions every Monday and Wednesday. Space is limited based on the number of tutors available.

All of HCC’s tutors are exceptional individuals from all walks of life who volunteer to offer support and inspire these children and their families. The Academic Assistance Team routinely meets with the tutors at HCC to provide continuous training, support, and team building. If you are interested in being a volunteer tutor, please visit the Volunteer section on our website. https://www.hcc-offm.org/volunteer/ 

At HCC, we take a comprehensive approach to tutoring because we understand that school and assignments are only a tiny portion of a child’s life. Another important factor is including parents in their child’s education. We arrange a parent meeting at least once a month to give parents a chance to discuss issues regarding their children’s education and exchange expertise and information. HCC wants parents to feel confident in their ability to interact with teachers and make decisions for their kids.

You may fill out a registration form at the front desk of any Hope CommUnity Center location if you’re interested in signing your child up for tutoring. A staff member will contact you to discuss space availability and a start date.