An empowering program for Mothers in Central Florida

At Hope CommUnity Center, we assist the community through programs and services that empower every person to learn, grow and thrive within the community. The education department aims to inspire individuals to achieve their dreams and move one step further towards the brighter future they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families.

Basic English and literacy classes are essential for integrating into a new community when arriving in this country. Making Ongoing Meaningful Steps or MOMS is one of HCC’s empowering educational programs where mothers can learn basic English life skills while their children are in school. Every year, approximately 40 women participate in this unique program.

The program includes topics such as gender equality, women’s health, ways to participate in their children’s education, mental health, and more. Our classes create a secure environment where mothers grow and learn from one another’s experiences. We also strive to empower them to understand that they are valuable members of society with much to offer the community and their families. MOMS is not only an educational program. It is also a women’s empowerment support group for women.

MOMS enables women to connect with women from other cultural backgrounds who require emotional support to deal with the isolation of living in a foreign country while helping them adapt to a new community. We help create new opportunities for these women to socially adjust by allowing them to develop new friendships, assimilate into a new culture, and establish new acquaintances.

At HCC, we empower women to follow their dreams, advocate for themselves and be part of a community by Making Ongoing Meaningful Steps. If you want to learn more, visit the education section on our website,