Compassion builds commUNITY

Understanding other people’s circumstances or points of view without judgment when they differ from yours while caring for their needs and concerns is the epitome of compassion. A community conscious of this fact and taking action with that value in mind will grow and thrive. 

Hope CommUnity Center has focused all its efforts on this goal and created programs and initiatives to make it a reality. At HCC, the concept of compassion has driven us to empower the local community and help them understand they not only have the right but the duty to engage in campaigns that affect them in their community. 

For us, community organizing means empowering every one of our community members’ voices while uplifting marginalized communities based on shared values. As a result, we take that connection throughout our community and turn it into action while understanding our power and owning it.

A crucial component in this equation is Education. We educate our community about issues that impact them daily, such as immigration, healthcare, housing rights, workers’ rights, and education rights. As a result, we wish to provide opportunities for the community to be engaged and advocate for issues that spark passion in their hearts. In all of this work, we aim to center and uplift the voice of the voiceless.

HCC envisions the creation of 150 committees of engaged community members that better reflect our community in politics by:

  • Creating purposeful 1-on-1 relations within the community.
  • Discovering significant issues based on shared values. 
  • Developing strategies to obtain local solutions through the power of analysis and formation of committees.

If you wish to join us on this compassionate journey to build and advocate for our CommUnity, visit our website and learn how to get involved.