Cultural immersion enriches and unites our CommUnity.

Over the past 50 years, Hope CommUnity Center has focused on servicing the unassisted communities of Central Florida. These communities, for the most part, are minorities. Many of them are American, and many others are immigrants. Hope has dedicated much of its work to bridging the gap between cultures and bringing them together as one CommUnity. HCC’s unique programs focus on educating the community. One of the biggest lessons we strive to teach everyone is to embrace their culture and adapt themselves to American society.

One of the main things Hispanic immigrants love to share is their culinary traditions. Food is an essential part of their culture, and sharing meals with friends and family is part of their love language. This culture has the beautiful saying, “Donde comen dos, comen 3,” meaning where two can eat, so can three. Their sense of community and caring for one another is admirable, and HCC shares them as core values. A few of the many meals we’ve learned to love and cannot live without are Tamales, Tacos, and Empanadas.

If there is something we at HCC have learned is that “Gringo” is a term of endearment. So now, we’re proud when we become the “Gringo” of any group. Most Americans have likely learned that “Gringo” is a slur. You may have even heard the term “Gringo” used negatively or to make fun of someone on TV or the internet, but this is primarily an exaggeration. Most frequently, “Gringo” is used to characterize Americans neutrally.

At Hope, we have understood the meaning of “Mi casa es su casa” or “my home is your home.” Hope CommUnity Center is where everyone feels at home, and we strive to make everyone feel welcome and included. HCC is proud of all we have learned from our Hispanic community members and their heritage.

Every day at Hope is a celebration of Hispanic heritage and CommUnity! If you want to learn more about how HCC assists the communities of Central Florida, and become a volunteer or a donor, visit our website today.