Empowering Communities through Immersive Experiences

Hope CommUnity Center’s Service Learning Program is a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond volunteer work. It is a model for deep and enriched community service and a tool for social change. The program is designed to create a reciprocal model of service, where participants not only serve but also learn from the community they serve.

Unlike other service organizations, Hope CommUnity Center is a Community and Civic Engagement pioneer with a long history of facilitating immersive experiences. The program offers a tailored experience that meets the specific needs of schools and organizations. Participants can engage in the community year-round, from a single day to an entire semester.

The Service Learning Immersion is an immersive program that allows participants to broaden their perspectives through direct experience. Participants live with a host family in the community, learning about their experiences and reality by living a day in their shoes. They also engage in farmwork or another service model to better understand many community members’ economic and working conditions.

All of these experiences include dialogue based on a series of themes, including but not limited to the Immigration System, Catholic Social Teaching, Intersectionality, Agro-Ecology & Food, Youth & Education, Story of Self, Culture & Poverty, Community Organizing & Leadership, Root Causes of Migration, Building Power, Power, Privilege, & Identity, Racism, & White Supremacy.

In 2022, the Service Learning Program impacted 103 participants, with 9 immersion groups from UCF, Rollins, Catholic U, Gonzaga High School, and Student Life. Host families provided over 1,200 hours of volunteer service by hosting participants. In addition, eight new host families joined Hope by integrating their service within the program, raising the total count to 50 families.

At Hope CommUnity Center, Service Learning Immersion is a powerful tool for social change. It allows participants to actively serve and learn about the unique challenges and strengths of these individuals and families. The program’s success and achievements are a testament to its effectiveness, and Hope CommUnity Center looks forward to welcoming more participants in the future.

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