Food Drive-Help us bring más nutritious meals to the community.

Immigrant families often find it challenging to obtain the necessary financial means when they begin to live in a country that is not their own. They do not understand how the government’s financial system works, making them fall into an abyss that is often difficult to overcome and leads them to a monetary crisis. One of the most challenging situations is not having enough income to feed their families, especially when they have many family members, most of whom are children. 

As many people know, federal programs provide financial assistance to low-income families. These government-assisted programs, such as SNAP or food stamps, provide relief, but they do not always meet all basic needs. In addition, these benefits are often difficult to apply for due to numerous requirements and a lengthy application process. Other programs, such as free food assistance in schools, can help many families struggling to make ends meet on low incomes. Unfortunately, with the end of the school year, many children will no longer receive these free meals. 

At Hope CommUnity Center, we understand the impact of this loss of assistance and the toll it can have on the families that are supported by them. We all know how important it is for children to have nutritious meals and the negative impacts nutrition deficiency can have on their health. Children who live in households that lack food security are more susceptible to chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. According to No Kid Hungry, hungry children are more likely to experience a “summer slide.” This occurs when children forget what they have learned during the school year. This learning loss can accumulate over several years and contribute to a significant achievement gap between children from low-income families and those from higher-income families… simply because they don’t have enough to eat. 

To fill this gap, we are collecting donations through our food drive. And, in celebration of 50 years of Hope, three Orlando area businesses have joined us in our drive as collection sites. Supporters can drop off donations directly at Hope CommUnity Center on North Park Ave in Apopka, or, for added convenience, at one of the following businesses: MojoMan Swimwear & Clothing, J Meyers Insurance Agency, and Balance Orlando.

You can help us bring más HOPE to families who might otherwise struggle to put food on the table. Summer should not be the hungriest time of year for children. Make this your act of hope and drop-off your donations at a nearby location today. 

We encourage you to take a photo when you drop off your food donation and post it on social media. Tag HopeCommUnity Center @hccapopka and use the hashtag  #50ActsOfHope to inspire others to join you. Help provide these children and their families with nutritious meals. 

You can also contribute by donating here! 

The Food Donation Collection Sites are:

  • Hope CommUnity Center
    1016 N. Park Ave
    Apopka, FL 32703 
  • MojoMan Swimwear & Clothing
    601 N Bumby Ave Suite C
    Orlando, FL 32803 
  • J Meyers Insurance
    5003 Old Cheney Hwy
    Orlando, FL 32807 
  • Balance Orlando Massage and Bodywork
    1220 Edgewater Dr #7
    Orlando, FL 32804