A reflection from HCC ESOL volunteer, Sergio Delgado–

I was never one to volunteer at the drop of a hat. I am a very private and introverted person who keeps to myself and family. As such, volunteering was never a priority for me, even in retirement… 

However, I would like to believe that Divine Intervention led me to Hope, since I was at mass when I first came across the volunteer request in the bulletin from Hope. Something (or someone) told me to call… I’m glad I did. 

I am inspired by what I see at Hope and enjoy volunteering because I see many similarities with the students I teach and my own personal story. I emigrated to this country with my mother when I was young. The students who push themselves to learn a new language remind me of my mother’s struggles when she immigrated here decades ago. She persevered, learned the language and was a productive member of society in the United States. I benefited immensely and now my kids are benefiting even more… that is what is meant by living the “American Dream”. I see the same thing happening with them and their children.


Giving back is the best benefit I receive from volunteering; teaching others who want to learn and better themselves is the best reward any volunteer can ask for. 


My role is but a small one in changing the community for the better. If I can help one person in learning English, I have accomplished my goal. 

Sergio Delgado is beginning his second year of ESOL language instruction for the Academic Support team at Hope CommUnity Center. Interested in starting your own personal journey at Hope? Contact Lynn Devanie, Volunteer Coordinator, at 407.880.4673 ext. 222 or [email protected]. HCC is currently looking for Elementary and High School tutors, as well as Citizenship class instructors who are bilingual in English and Spanish.