Apopka, Florida – Hope CommUnity Center is offering a new program, Books & Breakfast, an intergenerational program to educate community members in Apopka on different social and economic challenges, to provide political awareness and drive action towards change. The program will be offered at Taylor Apartments in Apopka every fourth Saturday from 11AM-12:30PM.


In Central Florida, and especially in Apopka, families have limited access to literacy resources and seek homework assistance for their kids, as well as political and social education, to build community power. According to a May 2018 article in the News Herald, illiteracy can make it more difficult to obtain a high school diploma, which “drastically decreases the chances of those who are functionally illiterate or lack a high school education of finding a job that will enable them to support themselves.”


By offering literacy opportunities to the entire family that are politically-rooted, Hope strives to provide community building and empowerment tools that are truly grassroots and that effect change internally. Lashae Copeland, who coordinates the new initiative, says her goals are, “to feed minds in a way that will encourage Apopkans to live thrilling lives.”



 If you would like to play a role in promoting literacy in Apopka, please contact Lashae Copeland at [email protected] or 407.880.4673. Hope accepts gift cards, monetary donations, and arts & crafts material, books that represent the community and that are social & political.