HCC is grateful for another year filled with HOPE and CommUnity

Throughout the year, the celebratory mood at Hope CommUnity Center has transitioned through all of our core values to commemorate 50 years of legacy. We expressed our deepest sentiments circling the issues we face with power, courage, and conviction daily at HCC. Each month we showcased a theme and centered our content around it: Family, Advocacy, Compassion, Justice, Equality, Immigrant Heritage, Liberation, and Education. This month, it’s easy to guess what the theme is: Gratitude. 

50 years or half a century is easily said, but as we look back, we see it’s been quite the journey. We at HCC are honored and proud to serve the different Central Florida communities. Today, as always, we are filled with gratitude. 

We are grateful for our Staff and Board.

Everyone who makes up our team is an essential component of our organization. Both the staff and board provide strong leadership, good direction and invaluable support to the community. The efforts of these gifted individuals who bring Hope into the world daily allow us to offer programs and services that serve underinvested communities throughout 4 Central Florida counties.

We are grateful for our volunteers. 

Your selflessness and dedication fuel our organization, and your time invested in HCC’s future is invaluable. Often, if not always, those very people we assist become HCC volunteers out of sheer gratitude and wish to pay it forward. We are grateful for all of you who felt empowered and are committed to personal and societal improvement. 

We are grateful for our donors.

Your contributions make a real difference in our programs and services. 

Your donation enables Hope to meet our community’s needs in various areas, including Education, Immigration, Youth & Families, Service Learning, Community Organizing, and Social Services. Thanks to you, HCC has become a beacon of HOPE for the communities of Central Florida and a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable place where everyone can feel at home.

Thank you to everyone for walking with us and taking on the responsibility to assist immigrants and others by providing help and advocating on their behalf.

We are grateful for our CommUnity members.

Throughout the last 50 years, we have been blown away by the power and resilience of our community members. Despite unjust laws, institutionalized racism, and discrimination, our community members are constantly finding their place, voice, and power within our country and becoming outstanding members of society. You are truly our source of inspiration and why we get up every morning. 

Thank you for another hopeful year. Are you ready for Más? Join us and become part of Hope’s future today. Please take a moment to give back by participating in our Giving Tuesday campaign. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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