It’s more than just Community, Hope is about CommUNITY!

Hope CommUnity Center works to involve the citizens of Central Florida communities in local campaigns that impact them. We strive to assure them that a community can achieve more when we unite as one.

HCC collaborates with partner organizations on various issues, such as healthcare, housing, workers, and educational rights, and we mobilize around immigration-related matters. We work hard to raise awareness of causes our community cares deeply about and provide people the chance to stand up and get involved. HCC’s goal is to provide a platform and voice to the voiceless.

Hope provides the community with different training and workshops that empower individuals and provide participants with a thorough understanding of various social justice issues.

The “Story of Self” program allows participants in this one-on-one workshop to learn how to construct their experiences for diverse audiences best to dismantle ignorance-based obstacles erected by institutionalized racism, homophobia, and xenophobia in both the LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities. By shedding light on how both the LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities experience the effects of institutionalized systems of oppression, participants empower themselves to take ownership of their experiences, bring people together, and develop cross-community power. Two courses are available: Migration Story of Self and LGBTQ+ Story of Self. This program was made possible by a grant from Contigo Fund, an initiative of Our Fund Foundation.

The Tree of Hope workshop series will thoroughly explain various social justice problems to participants. As part of the workshops, individuals are asked to reimagine a world of fairness and social transformation that cooperates with a community art project. The current workshops available are Migration’s Root Causes and Gender and Sexuality 101.

Civic engagement is also a massive part of our Advocacy and Community Organizing Program. HCC believes in empowering community members to be active and engaged in local government and policymaking.

HCC strives to bring the community together and advocate for critical issues that involve the entire population of Central Florida. To discover how Hope unites our community, visit our website today.