Leaving a legacy: Fathers seeking a better future for all

A father is many things, but mostly, he is a caring person who will take extraordinary measures for his children. This includes moving away from home to a new country in search of a better life and new opportunities for his family and himself. 

The host-family fathers who participate in our Service-Learning program have taught us many lessons about community, unity, diversity, and family, and one of them is: 

“There are only two legacies we can aspire to leave for our children: Our roots and wings to fly high.”  

For us, it is crucial to honor those brave men who chose to give their families a better life and future by moving to a new country. Immigrant fathers are especially dear to our hearts since, at Hope CommUnity Center, we have dedicated a good part of our 50 years to assist them and their families. 

Our community’s immigrant fathers dedicate their lives to helping nurture and raise exceptional children. However, they still take it upon themselves to lend a hand every year to the immersion students from our service-learning program.

Our Service-Learning Dads open their hearts and doors to our immersion students every service-learning season, treating them as their own, and helping them integrate into the community. The immersion program provides the opportunity for these fathers to teach the students life-long lessons about the adversities that immigrant families endure and show them what a loving, hardworking family can achieve with a bit of faith and hope. 

Throughout June, the month of Father’s Day, we thank and celebrate you! We appreciate you taking this brave step to move to a new country, get up and work every day, and provide a better life for your family. We appreciate that despite the long hours, you take the time to share your story with host students, spend time with your family, and motivate others to use their wings to soar high.   

If you would like to know more about our Service-Learning Program and how the parents of our community make a positive impact every year, visit our website.