Hope’s College and Career Access team, led by Maggi Noyes and Elisabet Rivera, hosted an award ceremony for new and returning scholarship students. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, students have to meet rigorous standards, such as committing to giving back to Hope through volunteer service and completing a 30-minute interview with the scholarship committee.

In attendance at the award ceremony were Board Members and scholarship selection committee members, Mary Carroll and Linda Ley-Siemer. The board members expressed to the students in attendance that selecting scholarship winners and engaging with the bright young talented youth was their favorite activity they are able to do as board members. Linda commented, “It is a privilege to be able to hear the stories of these amazing students. They give us hope and make us proud of them.” Mary Carroll added, “How could anyone not be thrilled and honored to distribute $62,500 to these deserving youth who promise us a better future.”

One of the recipients present at the event, Abraham Jimenez, expressed his appreciation for the scholarship. “The Hope scholarship allows me to continue my education and reach my goal of owning a business by breaking down the financial barrier to college.”