The fight against oppression starts with Hope!

Hope CommUnity Center’s existence and permanence throughout the past 50 years is proof of Hope’s relentless fight against systems of oppression! Every one of our programs seeks to assist HCC’s communities in reaching true liberation and happiness.

There are many crucial fronts in the fight against systems of oppression, but at Hope, we understand that education is where it all begins! It is a critical starting point to help forge  children’s future by providing them with the tools they need to ensure their survival and achieve their goals. HCC’s Elementary Tutoring Program allows a group of 25 elementary school children to visit Hope CommUnity Center after school each week throughout the school year to work on their reading comprehension and to participate in science and art enrichment programs. Students spend an hour and 15 minutes a day, two days a week working with instructors individually and in small groups.

Adults need education too, and Hope CommUnity Center understands this. As a result, we provide adults with ESOL classes and the opportunity to learn English in a fun and interactive setting. In addition, our MOMS (Making Ongoing Meaningful Steps) Program is a basic English and literacy class offered to immigrant women while their kids are in school. It includes topics like:health and wellness, supporting kids in school, and gender equality. We also utilize our Advocacy Programs to educate the community on issues affecting them and help them learn how to understand and advocate for their rights. 

Lastly, we could not leave out our outstanding high school students! Hope CommUnity Center believes that access to careers and postsecondary education is vital to individual and community empowerment. Therefore, at Hope, we offer students assistance in personal and educational growth. We award scholarships each year to students and others who participate in or volunteer with the center’s programs. These funds help to cover the costs of attending any technical school, a 2- or 4-year college, or university.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela. 

If you want to learn more about Hope’s many programs, please visit our website. If you want to join us in the fight against oppression, contact us today!