Uniting for Change:

March for Our Dreams & Freedom on January 11th

At Hope CommUnity Center, we’re bringing significant impact into the new year with the March for Our Dreams and Freedom movement. The first event, a march entitled “¡Aquí Estamos! or “Here We Are!” will occur on January 11th, the same day the legislative session begins. This march is not a one-time event but part of a larger initiative to address various social issues throughout the year. Let’s dive into the details of this powerful movement.    

This series of actions aims to foster unity and solidarity among marginalized communities. Dates for these events have been selected strategically to generate greater impact and send a strong message of solidarity, emphasizing collective resistance against the unjust policies affecting vulnerable communities.    

Mobilizing the Community for Change  

Since we expect a large turnout, with an anticipated 300 participants, we will have a team of 50 volunteers for de-escalation to ensure a peaceful and organized event. In addition, these volunteers will distribute “Know Your Rights” cards in English, Spanish, and Creole with valuable information regardless of citizenship status.   

Marching Forward 

We’ll keep the momentum going with a second march at Lake Eola on March 8th. This date was selected deliberately, marking the legislative session’s conclusion and coinciding with International Women’s Day. This march will be powerful, from addressing legislative issues to celebrating and advocating for women’s rights.   

Collaborative Efforts and Future Prospects  

Let’s use these actions to amplify voices and inspire a more inclusive society that embraces diverse perspectives. Through this movement, we aim to broaden mobilization efforts, encourage people to share their stories, engage with legislators in Tallahassee, and positively influence policy.     

March for Our Dreams and Freedom welcomes all who share the vision of a just and inclusive society. Your presence and support are vital.   

We invite you to be part of this transformative movement. Join us on January 11th and March 8th, share your stories, participate in advocacy efforts, and help us build CommUnities of Hope that empower individuals across Central Florida. Together, we can make a difference. 

Let’s fight for our dreams and freedom in the spirit of unity. See you at the march!   

Join us in forging a brighter future!