Volunteer Opportunities:

Join Us in Making a Difference, “Y Mucho Más!”

As we hit the halfway mark through the year, we cannot help but remember our 50 Years Y Más! Fiesta. And we’re excited to continue the tradition of celebrating Hope CommUnity Center’s journey while looking forward to the future. And guess what? You can be part of the celebration, “Y Mucho Más!”, by volunteering!

Honoring Hope’s Story

Our end-of-the-year celebration marks all the good things Hope has done for over 50 years. We’re taking a moment to think about where we’ve come from and where we’re going. “Y Mucho Más!” means “And Much More!” in Spanish. We chose to call it this because we’re not only celebrating the past but also looking ahead to even better things.

How You Can Help

Volunteering at our end-of-the-year celebration means you’re helping to make the event remarkable by ensuring everyone’s having a good time and things are running smoothly. Volunteers are at the heart of our party. Are you interested? 

A Party for Everyone

At Hope CommUnity Center, everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are. And that includes volunteers! We want all kinds of people to join us as everyone’s unique skills and ideas make the celebration even better.

Make a Change, Together

When you volunteer, you’re not just doing something fun that day; you’re helping to keep the good things at Hope going, like the programs that help people with education, immigration, families, and more. Your time and effort create a chain reaction of good things that improve our community.

Be Part of Something Big

“Y Mucho Más!” is a special event about more than just having a good time. It’s about reflecting on our journey and getting excited about the future. When you volunteer, you’re part of something bigger than yourself. You’re part of Hope’s story, making it even brighter. So, let’s join hands, share some joy, and make a better tomorrow – one volunteer at a time.

For more information, please contact Debo Ofsowitz (she/her).

Development Director (407) 880-4673 ext. 227 [email protected]