Volunteering: An act of Hope & kindness that can improve your life

Hope CommUnity Center’s primary goal is to support learning and diverse communities. HCC strives to empower and is committed to individual and societal improvement. We take on the responsibility to assist immigrants and others by providing help and advocating on their behalf. Often, if not always, those very people we assist become HCC volunteers out of sheer gratitude and a wish to pay it forward. 

There are many reasons why volunteering is beneficial. 

It gives you purpose. First, you can discover your purpose by giving back to others and joining an organization larger than yourself. For instance, helping others might give your life a new meaning and keep you intellectually active. In addition, the volunteering experience can influence your desire to get involved in other facets of your community, such as local politics or believing in causes you are passionate about. 

This year, HCC had a total of 198 volunteers who selflessly dedicated 10,926.67 hours of their valuable time to being part of the change Hope provides to the communities of Central Florida.

A sense of community. You might sense a connection to the people you are assisting in the community through volunteering. Giving time to an organization like HCC is also an excellent way to make new acquaintances and deepen bonds with close friends, family, and coworkers. It also fosters interactions with people from different backgrounds, which enables you to gain new insights. 

5 Bonner Scholars from Stetson University and Rollins College signed up to support Hope. These students participated in a cultural immersion through HCC’s Service Learning program, which sparked their curiosity and compassion to learn more and serve the community. 

It enhances your skill set. Volunteering may help you develop new skills and improve the ones you already have while providing training and practical experience. You may develop essential skills, for instance, by advocating and raising money for a cause that interests you. You may include these abilities and any extracurricular pursuits that can help you stand out from other applicants on your resume to demonstrate how to develop relationships outside the workplace with potential employers.

The volunteers HCC recruited for the Thanksgiving Mail-Out last year were terrific. With teamwork and guidance in just 2.5 hours, the team worked to put more than 900 letters together. Together, this team of 8 volunteers helped raise Nearly $250,000 for HCC.  

You could volunteer at Hope Community Center in many areas, such as Administrative Support, Community Organizing, Counseling, Fundraising, Academic Support, Instruction, and Transportation. Also, we’re always open to suggestions for other areas where HCC could assist our community, so do not hesitate to contact us with new and innovative ideas. 

If you wish to become a volunteer, get involved, and become part of our CommUnity please visit our website and get in touch with us today! https://www.hcc-offm.org/volunteer/