You can be a part of a Hope-filled 2023 today!

Hope CommUnity Center’s mission for 2023 and the years to come honors the legacy of the past 50 years while looking towards the future and the lives we can positively impact through Community Organizing and Advocacy.

These two main pillars directly impact our entire organization and its programs. We are so proud of the work we were able to do in 2022 and hope to be able to continue in 2023!

This year HCC was able to advocate for immigrants through the aftermath and recovery of Hurricane Ian and strives to educate, assist, and fight against:

  • Lost wages due to the hurricane 
  • Wage theft of recovery workers and worker’s rights abuses.
  • Detention and deportations of immigrant workers during the cleanup process.

This year we also expanded our Immigration Department’s Legal Services. On February 1, 2022, we acquired the entire responsibility of the USCIS grant. As a result, HCC is now the sole grantee provider of both Citizenship Instruction and Naturalization Application Services for members of our community. In addition, HCC has acquired a Legal Services Program Assistant, Gaby Zamora Paz, to alleviate the workload and handle DACA and Greencard Renewals. 

For 2023, HCC envisions the development of our Community Organizing & Outreach programs. HCC expects the creation of 150 committees of engaged community members that better reflect our community in politics by:

  • Creating purposeful 1-on-1 relations within the community.
  • Discovering significant issues based on shared values. 
  • Developing strategies to obtain local solutions through the power of analysis and the creation of committees.
  • Bringing Community IDs to the thousands of Orange County residents that don’t have access to a Florida ID.
  • Supporting Orange County School District to become more inclusive to immigrant students and families.

HCC is also launching the program “Mi Casa es su Casa.” This 13-week program cultivates confidence in all family members to use their voices to address individual, family, and community issues to create a change in their communities. The program seeks to develop the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Forgiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • and more

20 families have already enrolled in this program!

Your contributions as Donors & Volunteers help Hope assist and serve everyone in our community. Whether you donate money or time or work as a staff member, you are a student and a teacher. You play the most significant role in the Hope family. Hope CommUnity Center was successful in furthering its mission in 2022, and we hope to count on you to keep working in 2023 and the Years to come. Our 2022 Annual Report reflects the hard work our staff, volunteers, and Board of directors have been able to do thanks to your donation. The results are tangible, and you can feel the change in the CommUnity.

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