Your Donations Give Us Much More Than Hope!

Numbers tell a story, and we have quite a few we want to highlight:

  • Hope annually assists approximately 6,500 people. 
  • 89¢ From every $1 received goes directly to our programs.
  • Hope CommUnity Center supports 4 counties in Central Florida.

There’s a story behind every effort and every donation. Private donations, charitable organizations, neighborhood churches, and regional, state and federal foundations support Hope CommUnity Center. Our volunteers come from all walks of life to give back to our communities. It is undoubtedly a team effort! The Sisters say, “We didn’t do anything by ourselves. People have come together to help themselves!”

Your donations bring tangible differences to our various programs and services. As a result, your contribution gives Hope the power to tend to our community’s needs in areas such as Education, Immigration, Youth & Families, Service Learning, Community Organizing, and Social Services. Thanks to you, Hope can be a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable place where everyone can feel at home.

 Every donation has a unique and essential impact on our community. For example, your contributions assist parents who seek tutoring for their child, a teenager trying to find their way to a better life, or a group of out-of-state college students learning about a culture different from theirs. You play a crucial part in Hope’s positive impact! HCC cannot do this without you! 

Programs and services offered by Hope help those affected by injustice, lobby for comprehensive and compassionate changes in immigration, labor, housing, health care, and education, and show support for those who are learning to speak up for themselves. Your contributions help Hope assist and serve everyone in our community. Whether you donate money or time or work on the staff, you are a learner and a teacher. You play the most significant role in the Hope family.

If you are not a member of the Hope family yet, visit our website to learn how you can get involved and become part of HCC’s future today!