Moms Program, An Opportunity For All Immigrant Women

 Moving to a new nation comes with different challenges. Arriving in a new country as an immigrant means facing many barriers. Sometimes a simple task such as making a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, or even just making new friends can be challenging and frustrating. At Hope, we understand the complex process of adapting to a new culture and how important it is during this time of transition to count on a support system that guides immigrants through this significant change in their lives. Therefore, we offer different programs and services to support individuals, so they can face these challenges and feel empowered.

 One of these essential programs is our Making Ongoing Meaningful Steps or MOMS program, a women’s empowerment support group. We started this program seven years ago as a space for women to learn basic English and life skills while their children were in school. Since then, the program has expanded to include topics such as gender equality, women’s health, ways to participate in their children’s education, and mental health, among others. The goal of our sessions is to provide a safe space for them to grow and learn from each other and their experiences and to help them realize they are essential members of society with lots to contribute to the community and their families. More than 30 moms attend the MOMS program, supported by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

 Making Ongoing Meaningful Steps is an excellent opportunity for all immigrant women to engage in personal and societal transformation. Mariela Cardona, one of our program’s participants who initially came to improve her English, says she has created many new friendships. Another participant, Lilian Rosales says she utilizes our program to work on herself and her health by doing Zumba Classes. She states that she is happier because “the staff that tends to me is very friendly and makes me feel like part of a family.” Having that sense of belonging is a source of inspiration that helps overcome the challenges of being an immigrant. Idalia Gonzalez states, “I have met people from other countries and developed friendships with them. You know you can count on someone who can help you”.

 MOMS also allows women to connect with other women from different cultures who need emotional support to tackle the loneliness of being in a new country and learn how to integrate into its society. Elizabeth Vanderpool tells us that making these new friendships, integrating into a new culture, and making new friends help her adjust better in society. “It empowers us as women to accomplish our goals and objectives. MOMS has helped me take care of myself and love myself more, by helping us understand that we are unique and important to many people,” she says. 


We are proud to accompany these women, many of whom are struggling mothers, on this journey full of changes and hurdles, which, along with our staff, we are able to overcome together. We understand that being a mother is a daily challenge. Their dedication and devotion inspire us to continue supporting them in the beautiful task of being a mother. Our entire staff honors all mothers and wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day. 


For more information about our MOMS program, click here or contact Ivis Greenwall at 407.880.4673 ext 230