Judge John D. Bates of Federal District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the Trump administration has 90 days to explain the “arbitrary and capricious” ending of DACA. If they cannot, “DHS must accept and process new as well as renewal DACA applications.Story 1. Story 2.

Though this is a victory, Hope CommUnity Center stands firm in their push for a common-sense Clean Dream Act that protects all young immigrants and their families. Anallely, HCC Immigration Program Community Organizer says, “We are happy that the Judge is fighting back on this racially-biased anti-immigrant agenda, but there is still so much work we need to do for all immigrants, like TPS recipients, asylees, refugees, and undocumented communities. We have fought so hard and we have got so far that it’s just not an option to give up now.

At this moment, Hope CommUnity Center will continue their commitment to educate Central Florida immigrant communities and its allies on these ever-changing immigration topics by:

  • Offering Know Your Rights Trainings
  • Providing updates regarding immigration law through social media and website
  • Organizing rallies and awareness events for recipients of DACA, TPS, undocumented communities, and all immigrant communities who are currently under attack.
  • Continue to be in solidarity with social justice organizations whose liberations are closely tied to community members we work with.
  • Providing legal service for DACA renewals

DACA recipients at HCC are available to comment. Learn more about these programs and resources at hcc-offm.org; on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or by calling 407.880.4673.

Hope CommUnity Center is a service learning community dedicated to the empowerment of Central Florida’s immigrant and working poor communities through education, advocacy, and spiritual growth.