Volunteering – Enriching Others’ Lives While Enriching Yours.

Over the past few years, with the increased population growth, the humanitarian and health crises, and now a war, we have witnessed the importance and impact volunteers have on society.

This positive impact not only affects the lives of others but also those who give their time. Volunteering allows us to develop new skills and experience the joy of serving a more significant cause. In addition, through service, we connect with our community. 

We asked our volunteers what community meant to them and how volunteering has enriched their lives. This is what Helena Escobar, one of our amazing elementary tutoring volunteers, had to say: “Community to me means responsibility, strength in connection, and unity to grow and prosper.” Because of this responsibility to our community, volunteer work is so important. It allows us to become engaged citizens. It enables us to understand our community’s needs and learn the importance of community participation and unity.

James Fegan, another of our wonderful volunteers, explained what was most rewarding about enriching lives: “I was looking for a local organization that impacted the lives in my community.” This is what he found in Hope CommUnity Center. “Being around the people at Hope feeds my spirit,” states Fegan. “Doing a small thing that makes someone’s life better or eases their way in life feeds my spirit.”

Gabriela de Maria, who has volunteered with us since 2015, said, “I love volunteering with the children at HOPE because I contribute to their education. This education is what will help them thrive. I feel very privileged to be part of this organization.”

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we wish to thank our amazing volunteers for their contributions. Throughout these 50 years, we have achieved countless goals because of your selfless acts. We have increased the quality of our programs thanks to your hard work and dedication.

We honor and celebrate you for the impact you have on our lives and the lives of others. Thank you for furthering the cause and serving as an inspiration. We look forward to más change.